Robert Clatworthy - Horse and Rider, 1955, bronze, ed.8, 51 cm high
Robert Clatworthy, R.A. [b. 1928] studied at the Chelsea and Slade Schools of Art. He later taught at both these schools as well as the Royal College of Art, Camberwell and Central Schools of Art.
He was represented by the Hanover Gallery throughout the 1950s, and the Waddington Gallery during the 1960s. One-man shows since then include Basil Jacobs, Keith Chapman Gallery and Austin/Desmond Fine Art.
He became a Royal Academician in 1973.
Public collections include the Tate Gallery and Arts Council.
There has been renewed interest in his work in recent years and 'Horse & Rider' [1955 - 24" high - see above] sold at Sothebys for £20,000.
A book on his work was published by Sansom in 2012:
'Robert Clatworthy - Sculpture and Drawings'
available on for around £30
Robert Clatworthy, Bull 1V, 1953, bronze, ed.8, 34 cm long 
Robert Clatworthy, Bull, 1955, bronze, ed.8, 18 cm high
Head, 1989, bronze
Head, 1990, bronze
Robert Clatworthy, Head 111, 1990, bronze, ed.9, 26 cm high 
Robert Clatworthy, Head 11, 1984, bronze, ed.8, 55 cm high
Robert Clatworthy, Horse and Rider 1, 1954, bronze, ed.8, 34 cm high
Robert Clatworthy, Cat, 1954, bronze, ed.8, 44 cm high
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